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Learn it. Live it. Pass it.


Why You Need a Bible College

Every Christian -- not just pastors -- who is interested in growing and becoming more like Christ must find time for a Bible College session. Intrigued?



Who we are, what we do, and why we do it is essential to our existence. Our unique emphases make us stand out. You can read more about the uniqueness of CDM Bible College here.


Available Program Options

We recognize that your situation is unique. CDMBC offers a number of different options depending on your timetable and circumstances. Check them out.

Upcoming CDMBC Sessions

You and your disciples can participate in any of the following by calling the contact numbers given. Please register if you are interested in the Main Campus Session at Ayi-Mensah, Accra.

CDM Bible College is an interdenominational institution that aims to produce Christlike disciple-makers who know their specific calling from God and have enough urgency for the Great Commission to reproduce strategic and faithful disciple-makers who will be labourers for finishing the Unfinished Task within our generation.


You can play a role in shaping the minds of a new generation of Christlike disciplemakers.