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Learn it. Live it. Pass it.

Our Programs

Our programs are designed to meet everyone at the point of their need.

The CDM Bible College runs programs designed to suit everyone, from the busy worker and student, to minister, unemployed, or classroom teacher. 

We also offer a Diploma course in Biblical Studies and Disciplemaking, similarly made up of three (3) Intensive Residential modules, each lasting two weeks at the CDM Retreat Center. The Diploma course is only available to people who have already completed the certificate course offered by the College.

Courses in the College are structured into four main departments, headed by Senior Facilitators who have been accredited by both the Ghana Education Service and the African Association of Bible Schools. These heads are assisted by Facilitators and Teaching Assistants who have also completed at least the CDMBC Certificate Course.

Available Program Options

The following provide a brief overview of the various options of CDMBC.


Main CDMBC Campus
Our certificate course in Missions and Disiplemaking consists of three (3) Intensive Residential modules, each lasting for a week. Modules are ran in January, May/June and August, and are specifically tailored not to conflict with the academic calendars of the major tertiary institutions in the country.
This program is therefore ideal for tertiary students and workers who can spend the time to be saturated for a week at a time.

Executive Bible College
The EBC was developed to cater to extremely busy professionals and ministry leaders who want to experience CDMBC training. Classes are scheduled for five weekends per session, and participants are free to engage in classes with personal experiences and participation. Food and materials are provided as part of course tuition. Particularly recommended for those who prefer a more exclusive and luxurious experience.


Satellite CDMBC Campuses
Satellite CDMBCs exist for those who find it more convenient to experience CDMBC training outside of Accra. There are currently several sessions organized in Cape Coast, Kumasi, Tamale, Togo, Benin, Ho, Nkwanta, Hohoe, and Sogakofe, among others. Ideal for people who prefer not to travel to Accra for each session.


Missions Bible Colleges
CDMBC organizes Missions BCs as a follow-up to outreach programs in areas where evangelism has been carried out. Such schools are usually highly subsidised and reserved for less-endowed people who may have lower academic backgrounds. More often than not, the BC is carried out in the heart language of the area, eg. Tatale, Kete-Krachie, Chakali.

Training for Groups
CDMBC also offers exclusive training for specific groups, eg. churches, fellowship groups, etc. CDMBC also has a special funded project (dubbed National Service Persons in Missions, or "NASPIM") to train National Service personnel who are willing to serve in basic or secondary schools across the country as disciplemakers. If you would like to request such specific training, please contact us.